SU Napoli 2017 - NapleaSUre - I'll fly with You @ Naples, Italy, Naples [dal 26 luglio su 7 agosto]

SU Napoli 2017 - NapleaSUre - I'll fly with You

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Naples, Italy
There’s only one thing that makes life worth living: pleasure. Whether you get it from being successful in your business or from enjoying a good European Night, pleasure is the main purpose in human life.
That’s why we chose it as the main theme of our Summer University. Because we don’t want to give you just an unforgettable experience: we want to achieve even more.
And there’s a main reason why we know for sure that we are able to deliver what we promise: Naples. That reason are the narrow streets of the city centre, the breath-taking views from Amalfi coast, the unreal feeling of walking over the rooftop of a castle right in the middle of the gulf.

But this experience isn’t meant for everyone. In this event you’ll live very intense moments: you’ll make life friends and party like there’s no tomorrow; you’ll discover new cultures, new languages, new places; a whole new world is waiting for you, be ready for it!
I shouldn’t even type the reasons why you should come to Napoli: it’s just Napoli, and you can’t miss it!

Main topic of our SU is Neapolitan folk culture. You’ll discover the most typical Neapolitan things, ranging from our lively folk dances and songs to the infinite amount of histories and legends from the last 4000 years: the city of Naples has a millenary history full of legends and esoteric tales. For example, there is a legend that says that we can’t tell you any legend about Napoli until you come to visit it.

Let’s talk about food: everybody knows that Napoli is the city where pizza was born. Have you ever had the desire to try the best pizza ever? Have you ever wondered how to prepare it? Do you know what is the relationship between a pizza and a wallet?
But do you think that Napoli is just pizza? Hell no! Everyone we hosted in the past was absolutely amazed by the endless list of typical food you can eat here. Eating is a pleasure, and Naples is the city of pleasure. Really, if you don’t enjoy eating, don’t even bother coming here.

«Ma n'atu sole cchiu' bello, oi ne'. 'O sole mio sta 'nfronte a te!»
This is the lyrics of “O sole mio”: one of the most famous Neapolitan songs all over the world. USA, Japan, South Korea, Canada. These are only some of the countries where you can find a Neapolitan music concert. Musics and dances are really important in our culture. There is a vocation for music that lives in the soul of Naples. Do you know some neapolitan songs or tipical dances?

Do you want to discover much more?
And last but not least the language: we could write pages and pages about the musicality of our language. Of course everybody knows that Italian people talk using body language (hands above all). The sign language is used here even more than in the rest of Italy, and its meaning is impenetrable to any foreigner. Ears, nose, eyes, chest, shoulders, are expressive media, which are correlated by the fingers. We could be able to keep a conversation up by never saying a single word. Do you want to learn to speak and act like a real Neapolitan?
Don’t waste your time to look around. Join the journey to the city of pleasures. Come and choose between all the sinful and innocent pleasures Naples has to offer!

Course Information:
Course: Workshops and presentations.
Timetable: 14 hours per week of activities directly connected to History and Local Culture, Arts, Creativity, Cooking and mandatory workshop.
Course level: Beginner
Course given by: Experienced AEGEE members and experts in the field.
Equipment: We will provide all the equipment needed.

Fee: 160€
Optional fee: 20€
Used for: Pompeii Archeological Site (entry ticket and means of transportation) and Caserta Royal Palace (entry ticket).

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